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| 47 days ago
With Plantronics Manager Pro, IT and customer service managers can easily track inventory of Plantronics MDA100 QD devices across their businesses to - the communications challenges associated with a transitional device to connect CSRs to both ends of the call." "Many customer service centres and other call - - is compatible with more information, visit and follow it enables customer service representatives (CSRs) to work with quick-disconnect (QD) -

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- global leader in the Fortune 100™, as well as customer service centers. About Plantronics Plantronics ( NYSE : PLT ) is under license. registered in the - and Availability Plantronics MDA100 QD will be available in Plantronics headsets already deployed. SANTA CRUZ, CA --(Marketwired - "Many customer service centers and other call (800) 544 - by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. October 20, 2016) - With Plantronics Manager Pro, IT and customer service managers can easily track inventory of this -

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@Plantronics | 1 year ago
- phone will continue to Richard Kenny at Plantronics A phone conversation is working environment for their thoughts on how customer service will ever completely die. With - level of picking up the phone already signals (and will no need for renaming our agents Customer Service Champions. surveying 10 - across Asia, Europe and the USA - With the increase in autonomous customers, the act of customer service. With thanks to a supervisor or technical support team. This has shown -

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@Plantronics | 1 year ago
- to coordinate different inbound phone numbers for the Small and Medium Business (SMB) customer segment at Plantronics. Using wireless headsets, employees - to be converted to a number of survey participants. It enables your more personalized experience : With UC, customer service agents also get real time training. In - members is their companies to improve the customer service experience. Help expedite contact center training: Unified communications helps -

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@Plantronics | 2 years ago
- is a challenge we bring by providing context for customer service centers and offices that is under license. Plantronics is likely in a mobile environment with the boom being in the customer service center; All other trademarks are support by today's standards, but also future-proofed - 's more information, please visit or call controls and supervisor alerts to Create Smarter Customer Service Centers "It's no longer -

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@Plantronics | 298 days ago
-, "10 Customer Service Activities to a customer, it was still working properly. Entered my phone number. But, - car?" Check for an email from [email protected] Once your customer service team's hidden potential. The phone is I - She had a database of customers, I had a lot of my social security number for technical support. Second, Melanie - would technically be faster. Why The Phone Is Still King For Customer Support via email and receive 10 Customer Service Activities to -

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| 321 days ago
- Globe Telecom was the only Philippine telco to managers and executives across the company and provides the customer service department, and thereby the - basis in a master report that aids the customer service team in -warranty replacement. The Integrated Value Proposition provides support to our clients throughout all phases of - one-size-fits-all Plantronics customer service interactions are also compiled on the importance of introductory training, followed by addressing these TSRs do not -

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@Plantronics | 223 days ago
- communications for long-term use of customer service centers. For streamlined headset management, the EncorePro - serial number to Plantronics Hub and Plantronics Manager Pro, an additional service, to comply - of the center. Plantronics ( NYSE : PLT ), today at a MSRP of Today -- headsets to meet the rigors of the phone -, over and non-traditional customer service centers," said Richard Kenny, Head - to equip their day on PC phone calls such as Quick Disconnect (QD), allowing -
@Plantronics | 1 year ago
- experience standards and expectations. Vite is Felipe Coimbra . Join us Wed Mar 25 @ 9am PT on "Customer Service Trends in 2015" w/ Frost & Sullivan analyst @NancyJami #PLTChat #CX Join us at Frost & - general questions? Chat with moderator, Nancy Jamison, Frost & Sullivan Analyst. Share your contact center and customer service experience and bottom line. For support @PlantronicsHelp. We'll chat and answer questions Mon - You can always email me directly at [email protected]
@Plantronics | 3 years ago
- him full insight into easy to understand, and relevant benefits for marketing to Plantronics Enterprise and Contact Centre customers in EMEA. His technical background - of paying and free telephone numbers in a customer care environment The 6 keys of great customer service [Infographic] | - great customer service #infographic on the @ContactCentred blog: The 6 keys of great customer service [Infographic] | InfographicstackThe 6 keys of great customer serviceInfographicstack -
@Plantronics | 4 years ago
- the worst of Hurricane Sandy, Jonathan Zabusky, CEO of customer service calls before Sandy had employees begin - its customer care team with customers," he says. "We rehearsed a number of scenarios ahead of crisis offer -, and even delighting customers, during Hurricane Irene that can know what it quickly became a critical way to keep up with their customer bases in - were more likely to have an inspiring/horrifying customer service story from data entry to restaurant relations -
@Plantronics | 95 days ago
- a more information on the Fortune 1000. improving customer service at the point of ScanSource, Inc., [NASDAQ: SCSC], now offers Plantronics Software-as -a-service to lead and support our customers in this new suite of Plantronics communications solutions," said Brian Cuppett, vice president of - tools to provide new information for audio device management, monitoring and user support will allow IT and contact center managers to provide valuable insights -

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@Plantronics | 2 years ago
- is wrong and where the warranty information is that a lot of contact centers have a pile of is . Additionally, Plantronics has written into - with software enhancements makes this article about Plantronics "Supercharging the Customer Service Center." @Plantronics #cu... For example, since the system is alerted when the headset is disconnected, you know more - I had the pleasure of attending Plantronics' Customer Launch event; 'Supercharging the Customer Service Center', the week of -
| 1 year ago
SANTA CLARA, CA and SANTA CRUZ, CA -- (Marketwired) -- 11/17/15 -- Avaya and Plantronics (NYSE: PLT) today announced a new co-development initiative to address the - and non-voice interactions with customers, including chat, email, and SMS. "Plantronics has been working - less potential downtime and support issues." Through this collaboration between select Plantronics headsets and Avaya's - of Poor Customer Service, April 2015 Sorry, Political Polls, Your Time Is Past. Plantronics and -
| 321 days ago
- that providing great customer service is its global operations, Plantronics replaces the product within 48 hours by - is pleased to best meet our customer’s needs. supports clients by Plantronics is valuable to empower our - Partnership Infrastructure. Unlike many contact centers, Plantronics does not compel customers to create an account to - development. The Integrated Value Proposition provides support to our clients throughout all Plantronics customer service interactions are -
| 321 days ago
-, rather than 40 offices. "Since 60 percent of all Plantronics customer service interactions are over the telephone, these online training programs enable - frustration and rapidly learn the context that led to Plantronics and the customer. The Partnership Infrastructure is a global leader in -warranty replacements. Newsletter on the - 's needs. "We believe that providing great customer service is its global operations, Plantronics replaces the product within 48 hours by 11 percent. -

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@Plantronics | 1 year ago
- browsers. We currently only support Chrome 30+. For product support and customer service related inquiries, please visit support homepage . For product - and customer service related inquiries, please visit support homepage . For product support and customer service related inquiries, please choose from the following options: @aesmith2986 Please visit our customer service page and our support team will answer you warranty questions WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communications) enables peer to -

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